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What People Say About Thach

“The purchase of a home or commercial property is amongst the most important decisions you will ever make so my recommendation is to utilize the services of the most knowledgeable, reliable and ethical professional you can find and Thach Nguyen is your man. My experience of Thach is that he is always available to help family, friends, associates and special causes. He doesn’t attract attention or seek praise for his quiet efforts to improve his community through gifts of love and connections that move others powerfully forward in their careers. Ordinary people who do extraordinary things for others are those we later call heroes. When asked why they performed as they did, they often say, “It was nothing anyone else wouldn’t have done under the circumstances.”  Thach has become a person who does the right things when presented with great opportunities the same way you achieve success at anything: through force of habit. If you make it a practice to take the appropriate action even when it seems unimportant and insignificant, you will do the right thing-without thinking-in important situations. Thach lets his actions speak for him, and you will notice that he never worries about others recognizing his contributions.”
-William Hultquist

“Thach has had such a meaningful and inspiring effect on the disadvantaged Youth I serve at Neighborhood House. He has been an inspiring, patient, compassionate and supportive Business Partner to myself as well as a Mentor and Supervisor to the Youth he has hired as Interns at Thach Real Estate Group. Thach has graciously donated his time to teaching my Youth about how to pursue their dreams and has single-handedly affected the life of a Youth who he mentored and supervised who has faced many barriers in his life. It was an absolute joy and pleasure for me to see this Youth transform throughout his experience in working with Thach. I enjoy every moment in my collaboration with Thach and look forward to seeing him transform more lives in the future!”
-Kimberly Macias-Shell

“Thach has a rare ability to dream big and achieve what he wants for himself and for those around him, leaving those in his path inspired on a daily basis. He is a powerful creator with a strong mindset and focus. I have had the honor of hosting Thach as a Keynote Speaker at several of my events, and his sessions are consistently regarded as the most interesting, most useful, and thought-provoking workshops by those who attend. In addition, Thach has been a powerful mentor to me, and his words of advice have shown me the way to major breakthroughs for my life and my career. If you are lucky enough to meet him in your lifetime, listen!”
-Sarika Punjabi

“Thach is an experienced professional. I have known Thach to be a mentor as he has wisdom. He is able to offer insight into the real estate industry and also the proper ways to serve people unconditionally. Thach is a great businessman to work with and also a great friend. I highly recommend Thach to anybody in need of real estate needs as knowledge and service is a killer combo offered by his company.”
-Royce Koh 

All I can say is……..” in this generation, it’s very difficult to find people as ambitious as Thach, with humility. His transparency in his quest for helping others has an obvious foundation in his life experiences. I’ve heard his story, and it’s amazing. He is top-notch professional and gifted in his abilities to run several different companies, work on his relationships and himself, yet still manages to perform at a star level. Though he’s not perfect, no one is, he strives to make sure every single client he works with and every person he comes in contact with feel like they are “valuable and important”.”
-Eddie Anderson

“Thach is a very savvy businessman who consistently inspires others to be successful. He does this by living it first. He has an excellent reputation in the community and the legend of his journey to the top of the real estate world precedes him in the Pacific NW. I consider it an honor to do business with Thach.”

-Lloyd Ball

“Thach is a great man with outstanding character. I have seen and heard of him helping anyone and everyone with their real estate goals. He is dedicated to his family, profession and to happiness in life. I respect the way he deals with others in all aspects of his career.”

-Michael Avzaradel

“I would consider Thach a very conscientious Realtor who pays attention to his clients and their needs. He is thorough and detail-oriented, and follows through with his work. I would recommend him highly for your real estate needs or questions. I enjoyed working with him and his clients and suggest a call to him and his company for anything you might need.”
-Brad Anderson

Thach has always been a very responsive and helpful client who makes life easy for his banker. Thach prides himself on his reputation, and this extends not only to his clients and those he does business with, but also those he seeks services from. It has been a pleasure to work with Thach and I highly recommend him as a business partner.”
-Josh Anfinson

“Thach and his team are tireless! He uses his seemingly unlimited energy to not just work on behalf of his clients and associates, but also to make improve his community and world. He cares about people and encouraging those around him in reaching their full potential.”
-Ryan Larson

“Thach, your tireless energy and desire to help others succeed is both amazing and highly commendable. You are truly a man of your word and have the highest integrity. Our community is better because of the path that you have blazed and the work you are doing. Thank you

-Janice Brady

“Thach has a passion and desire that transcends business and benefits people in life as well. I urge anyone to hire him for their real estate needs or connect with him for timely and practical business advice.”

-Laurenzo Thomas

“Thach is one of the most, big-hearted giving persons I know he does this while keeping his eye on the big picture of what is important in life. I would recommend Thach for anything he is doing. He always takes care of his relationships and I would consider Thach in my inner circle of trusted friends.”

-Mark Dunphy

“Thach is an exceptional businessman with real integrity and enthusiasm for what he does. He knows his industry and is always thinking of new ways to provide value. His level of commitment to helping others succeed was a key component to his success.”
-Debbie Stevens

Thach, you’ve contributed more to my life in a few short years than most people I’ve known for 10+. Thach’s pure desire to uplift everyone around him is one of a kind; he has helped me in more ways than he will ever know. If I was ever to recommend anyone to a person that TRULY had everyone else’s best interests at heart, Thach would be that individual, regardless of industry. Thanks Thach!!!
-Matt Clark

“Thach is Mr. Inspiration. He is a great advocate of your success and encourages the hidden potential to come out and take charge. Thach is someone that you can rely on to inspire you and you can trust his integrity.”
-Cyndi Carver

I met Thach about 5 years back while serving on the Board of First Place, a school and social service agency. Both he and his wife Camie brought to us a BIG dream to help FP families go from being homeless to living in their own home. Thach’s efforts to turn those dreams into reality are ongoing and I know he has already helped those around him achieve their big dreams. His daily practice as an advocate and supporter goes beyond the average person as he practices what he preaches giving back and contributing every day. I believe in the power of the BIG ream and know that Thach will help anyone that is willing to just believe!”
-Bettina Carey

“I had the pleasure of meeting Thach at a Contribution Networking Event several years ago and wish I had met him earlier in my life. Thach is so full of energy that Mr. Energizer (Bunny) can’t keep up with him. What I admired Thach the most is he has helped and inspired so many people by giving them unconditionally. Thank you for being such a great role model to our community. There are realtors and there is Thach. He gets my vote.”
-Phuong Au

“Thach s a down to Earth and incredibly insightful human. I interviewed him for my World Relationship Summit and he gave an amazingly frank, solution-based, and humorous interview. I would highly recommend him: he is full of integrity, wisdom, and is dedicated to helping others.”
-Sarah Anma 

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Thach for a couple of years now. The most remarkable connections with Thach have come in the last year. Thach practices what he preaches. He is one of the most generous and giving people I know and has a knack for making everyone feel welcome.”

-Paul Mcfadden

“Thach has an amazing amount of creative energy and a true entrepreneurial spirit. He has a unique way of getting you to expand your thinking and grab hold of his vision. Thach’s personal conviction to “dream big and serve unconditionally,” is refreshing and real. The “unconditional” part of his mission statement is the truest test of serving others. Thach walks the walk. I appreciate his humor and his down-to-earth style. I am proud to recommend Thach Nguyen.”
-Denise Eider

“Thach is one of the most energetic and influential business and life leaders I know. I would highly recommend Thach both for real estate as well as public speaking services.