Made Recommendations for preparing the property to maximize the value & asking price

To sell my house, I interviewed 6 real estate agents or brokers – all with excellent reviews and recent listings. I narrowed it to 2 and finally selected Thach. He had the most recent listings, indicating he was not only successful, but had current knowledge of the market and trends. He also made recommendations for preparing the property to maximize the value and asking price. Some of his recommendations were seemingly small and detail-oriented, like painting the front door a certain color, but I believe it all made a difference – in the volume of interest, timely competing offers, and increased price. And, I liked that he and Camie contribute to community and participate in philanthropy. It was the right decision. We sold it – at a significantly higher price than some of the other agents had recommended. The closing went smoothly. I would highly recommend Thach and Camie for either buying or selling properties. They know their stuff – and they are diligent and thorough.